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The website design costs for 3 scenarios

WordPress Peter logoI call myself WordPress Peter because that’s what I do, create WordPress websites. Let’s look at the website design costs. If I make one of my more expensive WordPress websites for you,  you will get:  

  • A home page,
  • A working Contact Us page.
  • Up to 12 pages.
  • A Facebook page.
  • A link to the Facebook page on each one of your website pages.
  • Many animated GIFs.
  • Up to 6 original YouTube videos.
  • Multiple hyperlinks.
  • Multiple pictures.
  • One Pinterest pin.
  • A number of plugins including a working plugin that helps with your SEO. That will increase your chances of getting on Google’s page one.
  • Your very own descriptive domain name.
  • Web hosting at a cost of $35 USD per year.
  • Watch the animated GIF above for website design costs.

3 steps to getting started

Before I’ll start making your WordPress website, there are 3 things we must do. Look at the 3 hyperlinks below. Then we will likely discuss them together.

  1. You must first of all choose what you consider to be an ideal domain name and register it with WhoIs.
  2. After you register with, change the DNS names to link with a web host.
  3. Register with LiquidNet Ltd Hosting.

What is WordPress?

33% of the top one million websites in the world use WordPress. WordPress is a CMS (content management system). A CMS makes it very simple to add content to a web page. You can keep your website up to date without having to learn lots of HTML code. You can very simply add text information, links, marked up text, images, tables, etc. There are some things that you want all pages to share. These are things such as editing plugins, menus, search boxes, etc.

WordPress blogs

website design costsWhen you click New at the top of a WordPress page, you will have a choice of clicking Page or Post. If you click Post, you will make an entry for your blog. Learn about Blogging 101

Find the website design costs for your website

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