Post Covid-19 Economy

A new economy

post covid-19 corona virusWhat does the future hold for business in the post covid-19 economy? How will this change your business plans? This article talks about what some futurists are saying about the new economy.

Struggling industries in the post covid-19 economy

The airline & hospitality industries are extremely uncertain industries in this post covid-19 economy. Entertainment is in an unenviable position.

Hollywood survived the 1918 Spanish flu. However, that pandemic created huge changes to the movie industry. We can expect to see huge differences to the post covid-19 Hollywood scene. For instance, we may see lots more drive-in movie theatres.

As more people are working from home, expect commercial real estate to take a big hit.

Growth industries in the post covid-19 economy

Before covid-19, some big tech companies were investing heavily in health care and biomedical tools. We can expect that to accelerate. We can expect to see an increase in home based diagnostic tools.

Consider 3D printing.

We are hearing people talk about asteroid and lunar mining. What about space tourism?

Expect anything related to climate change to grow. One company is even using drones to plant trees. Expect the unexpected.

Expect huge growth in the area of digital infrastructure. This planet has billions of mobile devices connected to a billion websites. Everyone expects them to work at all times from anywhere. That’s where the growth of digital infrastructure comes in.

Expect global communications to be changing big time. We’ll have billions of literate people with access to all the knowledge in the world collaborating with each other.

Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology. Expect that to expand in the future.

A wide variety of small businesses will emerge. They will automatically  create websites to market their business to get more traffic and more new customers. Expect website design to be a growth industry.

Dependency on other countries

As of May 2020, Apple is considering removing 20% of production out of China. As tensions with China produce uncertainty, production could move elsewhere.

There could be a move towards producing locally. That could produce a move towards 3D printing. If the costs came down because of scale, more toys, tools and other simple products could be produced closer to home.


As the world’s population is getting used to learning by Zoom, educators are exploring new possibilities. This forward thinking could produce new industries.

Vocations that never existed could begin to emerge. Who knows where virtual reality may take us?


As the future of company operations are more uncertain, staffing agencies may sprout up providing a more flexible contingent workforce. New opportunities may show up in the legal industry. There may be innovations that never would have happened before the post covid-19 economy. Hearings may be held via teleconferencing platforms like Zoom. There may be innovative ways of moving documents along the Internet.


Much of a the data in this article came from a free email I got from The Hustle. I suggest you get a free subscription today. Go to their Facebook page.

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