Domain Name, How to Find an Ideal One


Select your domain name from a branding point of view.  For example, let’s think about IBM. “ibm” is the very best alphanumeric entity possible for a company called IBM.  The very best extension is “.com” because it is the most well know extension in the world. So, that company chose

Over 265 millions domain names have been registered in the world. So, you likely will not get the ideal name. Just try for the ideal name and then WhoIs will help you get something close to that ideal name.

In order to brand myself as a WordPress specialist, I broke the branding into 3 segments. It’s about WordPress. I wanted to brand myself. So, I chose Peter. Ideally I’d get the most popular domain extension in the world, “.com”.

So, I tried for I lucked out. It was available. So, don’t be afraid to search for the ideal name the first time around.

Your domain name should reflect your business 

  • Easier for your customers to remember and come back to your website.
  • Helps with search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Make it memorable so that you can get repeat visits from people.

Mnemonic device

You may use this word to help you find the ideal domain name for your website — RAIL, the four main points to think about are Recall, Aesthetics, Impressions & Length.
Recall: Will it be easy to use/remember? Choose a name that’s easy to recall.
Aesthetics: How does the name look written on paper? How will it appear alongside other lettering on business cards and company stationery?
Impressions: First impressions can be crucial. So select a domain name that will give an immediate good impression.
Length: Typing a short web-address is always preferable to typing a long one. Choose for length.

Domain name registration time

Browsers such as Google may consider your website more stable and reliable if it has a long registration time.  Make your first registration for a one year minimum.  If your website is still going strong after a year, register it for a longer time.


Since 1996 my domain registrations have been with various companies.  Some, which will remain unnamed, I’d definitely advise against.  One company I like a lot and would recommend is WhoIs.

Correlating domain name & business name

domain registration How to Name Your Business

Remember the branding part of domain names.  It is best if your domain name and business name are very similar.  (Note the discussion of and IBM above.)

WhoIs has a computer algorithm for correlating the names.  In this quick example you are looking for a name for your pet store.

You want people to look at your domain name for two seconds and know exactly what kind of store you have.

Register a domain

pet store worldLet’s say you have a pet store.

  • Start your domain registration by going to the WhoIs website.
  • Select Domains > Register a Domain.
  • Search for pet store.
  • was taken.
  • However, WhoIs makes a search for similar available names.
  • One available domain name is
  • You could register and name the business Pet Store World.
  • If people know the name of your store, they can remember your domain name.
  • If people remember your domain name, they can remember the name of your store.

(As soon as you register you domain name, you may as well update the DNS information.)