Brainstorm with Me to Grow Your Business

Coming up with great business ideas

The dictionary tells us that a brainstorm is “a spontaneous group discussion to produce ideas and ways of solving problems.” When you brainstorm, you present all sorts of solutions to a problem. It does not matter how crazy the idea sounds. Just remember that it could very well be tweaked to become the ideal solution.

There are 4 rules of brainstorming

  • Focus on quantity.
  • NO criticism.
  • Encourage wild ideas.
  • Combine and improve ideas.

I’d like to come over and brainstorm with you about any business challenge you may have. Because of my business background, expect to come up with a solution. The first hour is free. Contact me using the form below.

The business background that qualifies me

In 1976 I decided I wanted to change careers. Someone suggested wholesaling health foods. That seemed like a good idea. So, I started a wholesaling business from nothing. It could have grown a bit faster if I had been able to have some seasoned business people with which to brainstorm.

brainstorm with Nature's WayIn spite of that problem, the business grew to the point where my company was nominated as one of the five best health food wholesaling companies in Canada. Near the beginning of the business, I picked up the Nature’s Way line of herbal products.

At one point Nature’s Way exported to wholesalers in 35 different countries. Largely because of my marketing skills, our company was awarded for having the greatest volume of any of the other wholesalers in those 35 countries.

Twenty-eight years after the business started, I sold it as a going concern.

I learned so much in the process that I can confidently give you my business brainstorming services.

Brainstorming video

Would it help you to brainstorm?

What is the state of your business? Are you just starting out? Do you have a problem that you would like to discuss? Sometimes the ideas from an outsider can help you see things from a completely different point of view.

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