Attractive Pins for More Clicks

Attractive pins to help ensure that your visitors “pin it” right

attractive pinsCreate stunningly attractive pins so that they get noticed.  This concept is so important that this entire page will be devoted to that point.

I went to and noticed this board with a large number of pins.  Notice how one or two of those attractive pinspins jump out at you.  You do not even notice the other pins.  Here are two reasons why you want your pin to be among the most noticed:

♦ It will most likely get lots of clicks.
♦ It is more likely to be repinned.

attractive pinsThe one that jumped out at me is the one with the M&M-type candies with a bit of text overlaid.  The text is broken into three parts:

♦ 7 tips
♦ to Write the Most Effective
♦ Calls-to-Action

Each part is typed onto a white ribbon in such a way as to stand out.  To learn what those 7 tips are, a person has to click on the pin and go to a blog post.

When the visitor gets to the blog, the blogger gets the opportunity to sell them something.

How to create those the most popular pins

1. Use attractive pictures.  I get free images from the freeimages website (  I get high resolution photos for $3 or so each from the Adobe website (Adobe Stock).

2. Use a minimum amount of text.  Say what you need to say and say no more.

3. Use lots of white space.  Notice all of the white space in the skunk spray pin here.  That is possibly my most successful pin.  Using bright colours on white or neutral space helps pins pop out to the Pinterest visitor.  (A reversal of that rule was used in the M&M ad.  Instead of a white space, there were lots of brightly coloured M&Ms.  The text was printed on small white ribbons.)

4. Use a high quality photo editor.  I use GIMP.

Not just attractive pins

You want people to click on your pins. So, “attractive pins” could mean “something that attracts people’s attention”. So, that could mean amusing, curiosity arousing or unusual pins like the examples here.