Web Page Creation, 3 Points to Remember

Add a new Pinterest pin onto a new board

  • Go into your Pinterest business account
  • Click on a plus sign

  • Drag and drop a pin
  • Add a description of up to 5oo characters
  • Add a title
  • Add a destination link (WordPressPeter.com)
  • Click Publish
  • Click Create Board
  • The new pin automatically gets attached to the new board. (When you click Publish, your list of boards will show up as in the image to the right. Alternately, you can click on an existing board to add the new¬† pin.)

Adding other people’s pins to your board

If you add other people’s pins to your board, they may just add your pin to their board. Then you can get more clicks to your website. Here’s what I could do to add other people’s pins to my Website Pages¬† board.

      • Click my profile picture and go to my business account
      • In the search box near the top of the page, search for web page
      • Look at the pins one at a time. If I cannot tell for sure that it is about the subject of my board, I click on pin to enlarge
      • Hover near top of pin

      • Make sure Website Pages has been selected
      • Click Save
      • After clicking the white Website Pages, I see the Website Pages board with all of the new pins.






WordPressPeter.com has been active for 10 days. This image represents the number of visits to that website for each of those days. Note that 23% of the visits came on Day 10, the day that I first set up Pinterest advertising and linked from a pin to my website.