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Vintage Encyclopedia Americana 1903-1906

Vintage Encyclopedia American


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Each of the sixteen volumes of this vintage Encyclopedia Americana is in very good condition. The edge of two of the spines are partially torn. Note that the tear does not even show up in the above photo. Every article is completely legible and every picture is in virtually original condition.

Vintage Encyclopedia American

Even though the set says copyright 1903-1906, the articles reflect a time before that. For instance, the 1903 story of the Wright brothers first airplane flight is not mentioned.

However, as you can see in the image here, there is an article about an aerodrome. It was invented by a Prof. Langley. Alexander Graham Bell is quoted as saying he watched a test of the steam engine powered machine flying through the air. However, there was no human inside.

inside cover






This is the inside front cover of each of the 16 volumes. Note that it was compiled by Scientific American.




picture of storks








There are a number of color prints within the 16 volume set.





images of flying machines in Vintage Encyclopedia American


Here are various drawings of flying machines that existed before the Wright brothers.



Supplemental information about the Encyclopedia Americana

There have been three separate works using the title Encyclopedia Americana.

The Vintage Encyclopedia Americana being sold here had its first edition printed in 1902. It was printed as a new version in 16 volumes under the editorial supervision of Scientific American magazine. The magazine’s editor, Frederick Converse Beach, was editor-in-chief, and was said to be assisted by hundreds of eminent scholars and authorities who served as consulting editors or authors. The first publisher was R.S. Peale & Co; between 1903 and 1906 further editions were issued by the Americana Corp. and the Scientific American Compiling Department, with George Edwin Rines appointed managing editor in 1903.[7] The relationship with Scientific American was terminated in 1911.[8] From 1907 to 1912, the work was published as The Americana.

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