Ten Tips for a Skip the Dishes Courier

Below are ten tips for increasing your earnings from Skip the Dishes.

  1. Know which shift to take: 6 – 9 am, 11 am – 1 pm, or 5 pm –  around 10 or 11 pm.
  2. Decline unwise orders. An example of an unwise order would be one that has no tip and takes more than 10 minutes for pickup and delivery
  3. Deliver only in the area in which you live.
  4. Turn app on 5 – 10 minutes before you leave the house. Reject unwise orders  & wait in house until a large order comes in.
  5. Communicate with customer frequently to keep ratings up.
    1. Eg., tell them that you’re waiting at the restaurant. Whenever you have to wait, text customer & say, ” I’m waiting in the (name of restaurant). As soon as the order is ready, I’ll be on my way. Thanks for your patience.”
    2. When you’re 4 minutes away, pull over & text them to say I’m 4 minutes away. They’ll likely be waiting outside. It’ll save 1 or 2 minutes at each home because the people will be waiting for you. You will likely get 1 or 2 more orders on your shift. If they are not waiting outside, phone them IMMEDIATELY.
  6. Do not be afraid to cancel an order. Note: your completion (not acceptance)  rate should be over 80%. Feel free to cancel an order when:
    1. The restaurant is drive through only and you’ll have to wait 15 minutes for a $7 order.
    2. If you will have to wait 15+ minutes for a $7 order. When you cancel, text customer immediately and tell them about the wait & that you will cancel the order.  Let another courier go pick it up.
  7. Seek orders from popular restaurants. You may get a second order while you are on your way to or in the restaurant.
  8. If you have 2 orders, write the customers name on the order with a Sharpie.
  9. Don’t park at the hot zones. If you park half way between two clusters of restaurants, you’ll increase your chances of getting an order. Also, you do not have to wait as long for an order.
  10. Frequently update location data. If you’ve gone 3 or 4 minutes without a request, turn your app on and off. Put phone into airplane mode & turn it on again. The Skip the Dishes app may think you’re a long ways away.

Print this list out and have it in your glove compartment for perusal once in a while.