Skip the Dishes, Getting Started

Get started with Skip the Dishes by doing your homework

Before you start with Skip the Dishes, do your homework. Otherwise, you will not make enough money.

Start your homework by going to and search for skip the dishes. You will find a number of Skip the Dishes couriers talking about their work. Watch some of them and take notes.

After you understand what the couriers have suggested to you, start with the points below.

  • Go to and fill out the form
    • skipClick on person icon in upper right-hand corner.
    • Sign up.
    • Click sign up for an account and fill in the form.
    • Save username & password in a safe place.
  • skipYou will get a few emails from Skip the Dishes. One will ask you to purchase thermal bags & a criminal check. They cost me $79.90.
  • Other expenses may include:
    • Getting a data plan on your smartphone.
    • Buying a cigarette lighter phone recharger and a cable.
    • Buying a phone holder that attaches to an air vent. (The one that sticks to the windshield may be illegal in your province and net you a hefty distracted driver fine.)
  • Remember to submit your availability for the next week by Wednesday at 11:59 pm. Your schedule will be in your app on your smartphone Thursday by 5 pm Central time.
  • You can delete a shift by clicking the “X” to the right of the time. You should give Skip the Dishes 48 hours notice before deleting a shift.
  • Use a small fuel efficient car. You don’t want your fuel to cost much more than 10 cents per km.
  • Keep track of all expenses in a spreadsheet. You will likely need them for filling out your income tax.
  • Headings on a spreadsheet may include:
    • D of W
    • Date
    • Orders
    • Gross total
    • Km
    • Gas
    • Maint.
    • $/hr.
    • $/order
    • # shifts
    • Orders/shift
    • $/shift
    • hours
  • Around the time your shift begins, you will get a text message of a possible pickup & delivery. You can choose to accept or reject it.
  • If a delivery does not give a tip, I would not accept it unless pickup and delivery of the food would take less than 10 minutes.

10 tips to help you make more money with Skip the Dishes

Click here to sign up as a Skip the Dishes courier. After you fill in the form, you may or may not get a space to fill in a referral code. Depending on urgency of getting more drivers, the referral incentive may or may not be offered.

If it does ask for a referral code, enter EK2QJU. If you do, I will get a referral fee after you have made 25 deliveries. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and make sure “referral code” is in the subject line. In the message ask me to give you the web address of the 10 Tips page. Then you will be able to read 10 tips for earning more money with Skip the Dishes.

Check list

Print out and then look at this list every day before starting your shift.

  • Turn wifi off
  • In smartphone, turn data on at beginning of shift
  • Have a cash float
  • Thermal bags
  • Phone charger
  • Phone & phone holder
  • Full tank of gas
  • Pen & paper
  • Write into travel log km at start & end of each shift
  • Patience to wait for a GOOD ORDER
  • skipTally number of refused orders vs. number of good orders. It must be at least 80% in the previous 10 orders. Then you will be guaranteed a minimum earning per order.


  • Turn data off at end of shift

Learn more

Learn more about the app in your smartphone. To learn more about Skip the Dishes, go to Search for Skip the Dishes. You will find videos by various Skip the Dishes drivers who talk about their jobs.




Q. How do I start a shift?

A. 1. On your smartphone, turn wifi off and data on.
2. Open your Skip the Dishes app.
3. Go to the map of your delivery area and tap the blue & white Start button.
4. If the Start button is not there, reboot your smartphone. Hold the power button down until 3 buttons including the Restart buttons show up. Tap Restart twice. Hopefully the Start button will show up.

Q. What happens after I tap the Start button?

A. You should see a Matching You to Orders message at the top of the screen. As soon as you are matched, park your car and click the new button that shows up. Then push accept or reject. You will be given the name of the restaurant to which you are to pick up the order.

Q. What is another instance in which I may want to reboot my smartphone?

A. If you are not getting any orders. There may be a software glitch that you could eliminate by rebooting your smartphone.

Q. How do I start Google Maps giving verbal directions to me?

A. Tap the orange button with the 90 degree arrow. Wait an few seconds and tap the blue Start button near the lower left corner.

Q. How do I phone the customer?

A. Tap the blue and white button near the top right of your screen. It will have a telephone icon on it. You will get an image of a keyboard with the customer’s phone number at the top. Tap the green phone button. If you are at their home, they will often come outside and save you some precious time.


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