Priority List to Achieve a Desired Result

Break a job into small steps 

So, you’ve started a unique complex job and your results are abysmal. What you have to do now is start a long priority list of what you have to do to improve your results.

To make the priority list below, I used a numbered list. The list below gives the necessary steps to make a particular very simple WordPress website for a Fiverr client. It will have six plugins.

  • For each line, colour it in red.
    • Select the text
    • Select colour at top of page.
    • (Watch animated GIF to see how to do that.)
  • As soon as you completed a task, change the colour to green.
    • This way you’ll have a record of all the work you have completed.

Priority list for creating a very simple WordPress website with 6 plugins 

  1. Collect the WordPress username & password from your Fiverr client.
  2. Go to
  3. Type username & password and click Enter.
  4. Click Menu icon in upper right-hand corner.
  5. Click the tiny triangle to the right of Installer.
  6. Click Applications Installer.
  7. Click red Install button below WordPress logo.
  8. Click dropdown arrow in Domain box & select domain name with which you are presently working.
  9. In next box, delete wordpress after domain name.  But, make sure slash (/) stays where wordpress was.
  10. Create an administration password and write it down in a safe place.
  11. Describe your website in a few words in the Weblog title box.
  12. Skip the Database prefix box.
  13. Click the red Install WordPress box.
  14. Click the red Visit Admin Area box.
  15. Check password, etc. & Visit Admin Area.
  16. If the administrative email is correct, click blue button.
  17. Using Settings > Reading, make sure your front page is set as a static page and the front page box says Home.
  18. Click Save Changes button.
  19. Using Settings > Permalinks, change the common settings to Post name.
  20. Using Users > All Users, Change the Admin user name to increase security.
  21. Click Save Changes. WordPress has now been set up.
  22. Now add these plugins to give WordPress more features: 
    1. Classic Editor.
    2. TinyMCE Advanced.
    3. Ivory Search.
    4. Ninja Forms.
    5. Yoast SEO.
    6. Akismet Anti-Spam
  23. To add a plugin:
    1. Go to Plugins > Add New.
    2. Type name of plugin into search box.
    3. Beside plugin logo & name click Install Now and then Activate.
  24. Create a Contact Us page.
    1. Click New > Page. Title it Contact Us.
    2. Click on Ninja Forms > Add New.
    3. Hover over Contact Us. It will turn blue.
    4. Click it.
    5. To add more form fields, click plus sign in blue circle in lower right-hand corner.
    6. Drag & drop into desired place.
    7. Once finished, click Done.
    8. Click Publish.
    9. Click what X in upper right-hand corner.
    10. Cmd C to copy shortcode (
      ) in Title line into
    11. Go to page in Visual editing view.
    12. Cmd V to paste shortcode in location you wish to have form.
    13. Save & view page.
    14. If you wish, add text & pictures to make page appear more professional.
  25. Go to New > Pages.
    1. For the heading, type something such as Sample Page, Turn This into Your First Web Page.
    2. Go to the WordPress page creation instructions. Turn this sample page into a page you can be proud of.
  26. Email the client. Tell him to go to the page creation page and turn his website into something amazing.