Level 2 to Build Your Ideal Website

Get more control with a level 2 gig

level 2In the level 2 Fiverr gig, you go into WhoIs.com and select your own domain name. Instructions for doing that are below. We will:

  • Update your DNS information.
  • Register with the best web host we’ve ever encountered.
  • Create a 3-page WordPress website with you that includes a Contact Us page and 5 activated plugins.
  • Give you instructions for turning your 3-page website into a multi-page professional WordPress website.

Choosing the right domain name

More people will end up on your website if you have the right domain name. However, with over 350 million different domain names in the world, it is hard to get an ideal name.

level 2So, you go to WhoIs and see the search box inviting you to “find your ideal domain name”. You have a candy store so you try “candystore.com”. It describes your business and dot com is the most popular extension in the world.

level 2Someone has already chosen your ideal domain name. However, WhoIs has a subroutine that gives you suggestions for related names. It will give you a number of names that are related to your first choice.

You might want to choose candystore.store and then legally change the name of your store to Candy Store Store with a tagline of “a store so amazing that it bears repeating”.

Or, if you live in Burnaby, you might look at the third suggestion and search for burnabycandystore.com. As of this writing it was available for $9.88.

(If your first choice is available, register it IMMEDIATELY. In the past I’ve found a very good domain name and did not buy it immediately. When I went back to buy it later, it was changed to a premium name. That means the price had gone way up because the algorithm had found interest in the name. Think greed!)

Summarizing the above…

  • You want a domain name that describes your business.
  • The best extension usually is dot com because it is so common and memorable.
  • Consider getting a legal name change for your business so that it matches your domain name.
  • If your first choice is available, register it with WhoIs immediately.

After you register your domain name in a level 2 gig…

After you have paid for your domain name:

  • Send your Fiverr seller your domain name, email address & WhoIs password.
  • He will update your DNS information.
  • After your next contact with your Fiverr seller, change your WhoIs password.