Group Boards to Increase Your Page Views

Growing your website traffic

If you are looking to grow your website traffic quickly and relatively effortlessly, Pinterest group boards are a no brainer. A group board is just the same as a regular Pinterest board with one exception – more than one person can contribute or pin to a group board.

Joining a board will instantly give you a huge number of followers. If you pin to a group board with 3000 followers, your pin is potentially put in front of a  huge number of people. Compare that to how many people would see your pin with just 50 followers on your board. The more of this kind of engagement you get on your pin, the higher it will rank on the Pinterest search results, again meaning more eyes on your pins.

How to find a group board

To find a group board, go to about That is a website that will find you the type of group board that suits your tastes.

When you go to that website, their landing page will have a form like the one below. When I filled the form out, you can see that I wanted:

  • A WordPress board.
  • group boardsA request to join button button above the board. (See illustration to the right.)
  • The results to be ordered by the number of followers.

Make sure to choose boards with quality pins and pinners that keyword their pins to match the group.

I joined WordPress Tips from Pros and WordPress for Beginners. In this latter board, I clicked the Follow & Join buttons. The blurb above the board said  If you’d like to join the board, please FOLLOW + message me your email on Pinterest for an invite! 

Your group boards need high quality pins

It won’t matter how many group boards you are in if you don’t make pins that get noticed. To be successful on Pinterest, you really need to stand out in a crowd. The more niched a board is, the better it performs.

Most group boards have upwards of 100 contributors (sometimes collaborators) who all add their pins to the board’s feed throughout the day.

In my opinion, the best way to find the group boards that are of interest to you is to check out the profile of a blogger you admire in your niche and see what groups they are part of.

I went to that website and searched for WordPress. I clicked on a board called WordPress Tips. The owner had his description above his Visit this Board invitation:

WordPress Tips
This board shares WordPress tips for bloggers, including plugins, design, coding, and anything else WordPress related. Want to join the board? Follow me then fill out form at Max pins 3/day – REPIN ONE from the board for every pin you add. Want more blog traffic? Take my free blog traffic building challenge

An important aspect is to make sure that you are participating in the community on a regular basis.