FAQ 08

Q. Classic Editor

How do I add the classic editor plugin to my website?


Meanings of the Classic Editor icons mentioned in the video

— Make regular text or one of 6 heading sizes.
— Make bold.
— Make italics.
— Block quote. Paragraph indented on both sides to make it stand out.
— Make bullet points.
— Make a numbered (ordered) list.
— Align text left, centred or right.
— Make a hyperlink.
— Remove a hyperlink.

— Undo last action.
— Reverse an undone action.
— Indent to the right.
— Move indent to the left.
— Clear formatting. E.g., change red, bold, italics to plain text.
— Special characters. This is a sample of the special characters you can insert into a document.

— Select from a large numbers of colours.
— Create a table. Your choice of number of columns & rows.
— Lists various shortcuts you can make. E.g., Cmd U underlines selection.
— Removes information in left & right column so that people can write distraction free.


How do I add a magnifying glass search icon to the top of my web pages?

In the new free version it seems like the best we can find for you is a search box above the menu. It appears like you now have to use the paid version of Ivory Search to get that magnifying glass you see in the video.

This is how to add the above search box after having installed Ivory Search. Ivory Search will appear in the black menu after you install the plugin. This is what to do next:

Ivory Search > Settings > Default Search Form > Save.


How to Insert DNS information with WhoIs

How to Change a Long Web Page into 8 Shorter Pages


Q. Free Websites

Should I get free websites or free hosting?

“Don’t buy into free websites or free hosting. They might be free but they do not do well in SEO because most of them have java scripts or tons of ads that search engine can’t read or like.”

by Jane Sadowy

Q. Widgets

How to eliminate the widgets from the bottom of each web page?

Above video in text form

In some WordPress themes you may get unwanted text at the bottom of your pages. These are called widgets. If you don’t want some or all of the widgets, here’s how to delete them. From the black edit menu,

  • Go to Appearance > Widgets.
  • Expand each widget in the Footer.
  • Click Delete.
  • Scroll to the bottom of any page.
  • All of the widgets will be eliminated.

Q. Widgets

How to install WordPress


how to install wordpressClick Hosted Domains > Host Domain.
♦ Enter your domain name and click the red Add a Host button.
♦ Go to the 3 dots to the left of your domain name.
Click on InstallerApplications Installer.
♦ That will get you to a page that has a few dozen different applications that you could install.  Click on Install beneath the WordPress logo.
♦ Click the dropdown arrow in the Domain box & select the domain name with which you are presently working.
♦ In the next box, delete the word wordpress after the domain name.  But, make sure the slash (/) stays where the “wordpress” was.
♦ Create an administration password and write it down in a safe place.
♦ Describe your website in a few words in the Weblog title box.
♦ Skip the Database prefix box.
♦ Click the red Install WordPress box.
♦ Click the red Visit Admin Area box.
♦ Check password, etc. & Visit Admin Area
♦ If the administrative email is correct, click blue button.
Using Settings > Reading, make sure your front page is set as a static page and the front page box says Home.
♦ Click Save Changes button.
♦ Using Settings > Permalinks, change the common settings to Post name.
♦ Using Users > All Users, Change the Admin user name to increase security.
♦ Click Save Changes. WordPress has now been set up.

Before going on…

You must make sure that the latest version of WordPress has been installed. Follow these instructions.

Q. Fiverr

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a company with which people can sell all sorts of things digital at a customer’s request. For instance, I once needed someone to design a book cover. I went into Fiverr, found someone who made book covers, explained my situation and sent her a picture. The result is here.

I sent about $50 to Fiverr. They gave the artist 80% of that.

WordPress Peter adI create simple WordPress websites for my customers. Then I send them to an instructional website I created. It teaches them how to turn my simple website into a profession-looking website.

These customers will send $40 USD to Fiverr. They give me 80%. I can afford to do it so cheaply because I have made so many WordPress websites. I can make a 3-page website with 5 active plugins and a contact us page very quickly.

Q. Header Code

How to insert code  into a WordPress header

    1. Install and activate the Insert Headers & Footers plugin.
    2. Go to Settings and click on Insert Headers and Footers.
    3. Paste your code where it says Scripts in Header.
    4. Click Save.