FAQ 07

Colour H1 headings Q.

How to change the colour of All H1 headings in your website

In your black menu, go to Appearance > Customize.

This will give you a menu of items. click on Additional CSS and

add this CSS code: <h1 style=”color:red;”>Heading 1</h1>. Note: Go to the W3school’s HTML Color Picker page to find what code to substitute for the word “red”. For instance, if you exchange “red” above with  #ff33ff, you will get this colour.

Changing colour of ANY text

  1. (To see how to change the colour of an H1 heading, scroll up half a page.)
  2. Go to the HTML Color Picker page.
  3. Highlight the 6 characters (no number sign) of the code for the shade of colour you want.
  4. Cmd C to copy it into your clipboard.
  5. Go to the page you are editing.
  6. Highlight the text for which you wish to change the colour.
  7. Click on the dropdown arrow on the letter A in the bottom row of the black menu menu.   
  8. Click on Custom.
  9. Cmd V to paste the colour code in the box beside the number sign.
  10. OK
  11. The text will now be the colour you wanted.

Q. Slug

What is a slug?

A slug is the part of a URL which identifies a particular page on a website in an easy to read form. In other words, it’s the part of the URL that explains the page’s content. For this page, for example, the web page address is what you see in this image. The slug is ‘faq-07’.

WordPress allows a variety of types of slugs. The wrong type will not be SEO friendly. To make it SEO friendly, go to Settings and click on Permalinks. Select the Post Name radio button and click the blue Save Changes button.

Q. How do you use Yoast SEO?

How to use Yoast SEO 

SEO (search engine optimization) is a term covering everything website owners do to get organic traffic from search engines (e.g., Google or Yahoo) to their websites. Yoast SEO is a plugin that will help you tremendously with your SEO.

  1. In editing view, scroll to beneath your page.
  2. Click on SEO analysis.
  3. Make sure you have added a keyword to a Focus Keyphrase that expresses the theme of your web page. Note that ideally your H1 heading will begin with that keyword of 1, 2 or 3 words. Also note that the keyword should be in your permanent link’s page name. (In the example below, the focus key phrase is WordPress page. It begins the H1 title. In the permalink, it is the page name you see after the domain name. See example below,)

4. Look at all of the orange, red & green bullet points. Fix the red & orange ones if possible.
5. If all of your bullet points are green, that increases the probability that you will be on Google’s page one.
6. If you need to add an alt attribute, you go into your page in text view. Cmd F to find every alt=. Insert the keyword between the quotation marks that follow.


Q. How do I make a moving banner at the bottom of a video?

Watch the 2 minute video once. Then read the 18 tiny steps below to help you remember what was the video.

  1. Change your ScreenFlow video to an MP4 file.
  2. Save it to your Desktop.
  3. Drag MP4 file from Desktop to Keynote screen.
  4. Adjust size & location of MP4 file.
  5. Click text button.
  6. Move text to near screen bottom.
  7. Adjust the size of text & text box.
  8. Click Format > Text > Text Color.
  9. Scroll left in colour panel.
  10. Click on colour you want text to be.
  11. Key in wording for scrolling banner.
  12. Highlight portion of text you wish to emphasize.
  13. Choose colour of highlighted text.
  14. Click Animate > Add an Effect > Move In.
  15. Change direction to Right to Left.
  16. Increase time for slow-moving banner text.
  17. Remove bounce effect.
  18. Click Preview to review your work.

Q. How do you change the background colour of website pages?

  1. In the black menu, go to Appearance > Background.
  2. To the left of Background Image, click on the arrow to return to the menu with Colors on it.
  3. Click on Colors.
  4. Beneath Background Color, click Select Color.
  5. Click on the colour you want. Let’s say it is white.
  6. Click on Select Color again.
  7. Do the same for Header & Footer Background Color.
  8. Click Publish.
  9. Click the black X to the left of Publish.
  10. Return to the page on your website. It will have changed to white.

Q. Link to bottom

How do I add a link to the bottom of a web page?

Sorting in Numbers for Mac

Q. How do I sort all first names in a Mac Numbers table so that all of  the other data is intact?

A. This screenshot is from part of a numbers table. I want Bob to be at the top of the First Name column with the Last Name information intact along with all of the other data.

Start by clicking the Organize tab in the upper right-hand column. In the dropdown box select Sort Entire Table.

As you can see from the first image, First Name is in Column B. To the right of the letter B you will see a dropdown box. Click on it and then on Sort First Name Groups Ascending.

The first names will be in alphabetical order and all of the data will be in the proper row.