FAQ 06

Password Q.


How to create a password

To create a password, open up your editor in Visual view. In the right-hand column you will find the panel you see here. Beside Visibility:

  • Click Edit.
  • Click the Password Protected radio button.
  • Type a password.
  • Immediately write it down on scrap paper so that you do not forget it.
  • Click OK and
  • Then the blue Update button.

To remove password protection, simply click the Public radio button.


Contact Us Q.

How to make a Contact Us page

Creating a Contact Us from with the Contact Form 7 plugin

1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New


2. Enter “Contact Form 7” in the search box.

3. Click the button on the right of the Contact Form 7 twice to install and activate it.


4. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Contact > Add New. Add a descriptive, unique title. In the example to the right, the title is Contact Us.

5. Click the Mail tab in your new Contact Us form. Make sure your domain name is in the address in the From box. You may have to go into your web host’s control panel and create email  forwarding to your regular email address. As an example, the domain name of this website is wordpresspeter.com. So, I created peter@wordpresspeter.com to be forwarded to my regular address.

6. Click the Save button. A white on blue shortcode will show up below your title.

7. Copy & paste the shortcode at the point on the page on which you would like the form to appear. The example here on for the Contact Us page. So, I added the website logo.


8. After you save and view the page, part of it will look like the illustration here. The problem with this form may be that it does not have enough fields. We want to know from what city the form filler comes. Below tells how to add a new City field.

9. Move the cursor to the point to which you wish to add the City field. Click the Text tab. Check the Required box if the person must fill in his/her city. Then, in lower cased letters, type “your city”. Then click Insert Tag.

10. The new field tag shows up at the location of your cursor. Add a hyphen to your city. Copy, paste & adjust from other tags to create something that looks like the image to the right.


11. Copy & paste your shortcode into the appropriate page.

12. Test your form.

Now you want to add something to prevent bots from filling in your forms.

reCAPTCHA button to increase security

reCAPTCHA protects your form against spam and other types of automated abuse.

reCAPTCHA is owned by Google. To use it, you must have a (free) Google account.

Follow these steps:

1. Go to the Google reCAPTCHA page.

2. Click on the menu (3 horizontal lines above) > Admin Console and then the plus sign to the left of the gear.

3. Fill in the form. The letter “i” will give you information about how to fill it in. For reCAPTCHA type fill in the v3 radio button. The Owners email will be your Gmail account name. Copy & paste your site key & your secret key in a safe place.

4. Go to the WordPress dashboard and click on Contact > Integration.

5. In the reCAPTCHA box, click on Setup Integration. Paste the site key & the secret key in the appropriate boxes.


6. Go to Contact > Contact Forms. Scroll down to the form you are dealing with and click Edit.

7. Your shortcode will be [recaptcha]. Paste it just above the Submit button.

8. Test your form. You should get the following note: Thank you for your message. It has been sent. Depending upon your settings, all of your form emails may end up in your Junk Mail.





Screenshot Q.

How to make a screenshot of one area of your screen

With a Mac

  • Hold down these 3 keys at the same time: Cmd-Shift-4.
  • Move cursor to corner of the image you wish to make.
  • Hold down left mouse button.
  • Drag corner to opposite corner and let go.
  • Image will be saved in Desktop.
    • It’s name will begin with Screen Shot.
  • Select that name.
  • Press Enter.
  • Give new image a descriptive name.
  • (Cmd-Shift-3 will copy the entire screen into your Desktop.)

With a PC

Go to this website.

Animated GIF Q.

How to add an animated GIF to a WordPress website

  • In your top menu, click on the Add Media button.
  • Click on the Upload Files button.
  • Drag your animated GIF onto the panel.
  • Under Attachment Display Settings select Full Size.
  • Click the blue Insert into Post button.
  • Drag one corner of the animated GIF to make it the size you want.
  • Select and click on the appropriate icon to display it on the right or the left.

This is an example of an animated GIF.

Learn how to create animated GIFs.



How to copy & paste an animated GIF from one web page to another

The video above will show you how to copy an HTML code for an animated GIF into your clipboard. Then you will go into another web page, easily discover where you want the code to be and paste it there.

How does HTML work?

Browsers  use HTML codes to render the content of the page. For example, if some text has a <strong> in the front of it and a </strong> after it, the browser will show the text in bold.

Note the “A short paragraph” below with the corresponding HTML code illustrating how it was created.
A short paragraph

The colourful image above is the markup for a paragraph has:

  • A <strong> tag to make it bold.
  • An <em> tag to create italics.
  •  A <span> tag to create red text.

Note that for each of the above initial tags there must be a final tag beginning with a slash(/). Note also that the first tag must correspond to the last tag. The second tag must correspond to the second from the last tag and so on. As illustrated in the above image, those coloured paths must never cross.

To learn more about HTML codes, go to the w3schools website.

Q. Images

How do I add an image to a page?

  • Click the Add Media button at the top of the page.
  • If the image is not in the library, click the Upload button and drag the picture in from your finder. Otherwise, click on an image to select it from your library.
  • Click Insert into Page in the lower right-hand column.
  • Select your image, resize it and click the appropriate position button (left, centre or right).
  • Update (save) your page.