FAQ 04

Twenty Nineteen Q.

How to build a website with the Twenty Nineteen WordPress theme

A. The Twenty Nineteen theme is different from most themes you have seen. For one thing, there is virtually no header. You may want to add a full-width image before you make your first H2 heading.

Spend 20 seconds scanning this page to see what Twenty Nineteen is capable of. 



How to make a top menu in 6 steps

1. If the Twenty Nineteen is not installed yet, go to Appearance > Themes, select the Twenty Nineteen theme and click Activate. 

2. After you have two or more pages created, make a horizontal menu for the top of the page. In your black menu, go to Appearance > Menus.

3. Check off the pages or posts that you want to be in the menu. Click Add to Menu. (If you want to change Posts to Pages or vice versa, click the tiny black triangle in the appropriate line.)

4. If you wish to change the text that displays in your horizontal menu, click the tiny black triangle and insert the new name in the Navigation Label box.

5. If your menu has too many items in it, try consolidating them with a submenu. All submenu items can be created by moving menu item boxes to the right.

6. Check the Primary display location box at the bottom of the page and then click Save Menu.

While you are creating pages, click Update often.

Site Icon

The site icon is the image you see to the left of the abbreviated name at the very top of your screen. 

How to make a site icon in 5 steps:

  1. Use GIMP to make a 512 x 512 pixel logo that represents your page.
  2. Click on Appearance > Customize in your black menu.
  3. Click on greater than sign to the right of Site Identity.
  4. Click Change Image to add your logo as a site icon.
  5. Click the blue Publish button at the top.

Note that this logo will also appear in the top left-hand corner in each page on your website.

Page with detailed instructions for setting up the Twenty Nineteen theme: How To Set Up And Customize Twenty Nineteen Theme


Twenty Twenty Q.

How to build a website with the Twenty Twenty WordPress theme?


Author’s Note: I began writing this article about the Twenty Twenty theme as I was learning it. After a while, I decided that it was not intuitive enough. So, I decided to stop writing. I deleted the Twenty Twenty theme and installed the Twenty Nineteen theme.

In your black menu, click on Appearance > Themes. Click on Add New Themes. Find Twenty Twenty and click Install.

From the top horizontal menu, click New and then Page or Post. Post is used for adding a blog that would give links to the previous and next post below your post.

Click New in the horizontal menu and add a couple new pages.

At this point it is best to do lots of experimenting. Click on everything that looks like a menu and see what things do. It’s the best way to learn.


When you simply cannot understand it, search it out. For instance, I wanted to learn more about blocks. So, I entered this into a Yahoo! search engine: What is a block in the WordPress twenty twenty theme. Read what I learned about blocks.

This is a small fraction of the types of blocks they list on that page:



How to use Google Trends for SEO

What is Google Trends?

One of the best SEO tools around is Google Trends. It shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world. It is possible to refine the main graph by region and time period.

For instance, the chart here is comparing two search term used over the past several years. The red line is SEO. The blue line is Search Engine Optimization. The highest point in the red line represents 100% of the searches for SEO throughout the world. Every other point on the two graphs represents the number of searches compared to that highest point for SEO.

I compared the two terms because I wanted to know which one I should use in the title of this post. SEO is way more popular than Search Engine Optimization.  That’s why SEO is used in the title.

You can compare up to 5 different search terms at the same time.

Ubersuggest can help you find the different search terms.

Search criteria


Time frames


Related queries

Subregion & comparison terms

Getting started with Google Trends