FAQ 03

Hosting new domain

After you feel your domain name may be available around the world,

  1. Click on My Domains > Hosted Domains from the LiquidNet black menu.
  2. Click Host Domain
  3. Type domain name in the Domain box
  4. Click Add a Host

Then, when you click Files > File Manager, you will see the new domain name in the list of domain names.

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DNS Amplification Attack

The Hackersidea website says

A Domain Name Server (DNS) amplification attack is a …. reflection attack which manipulates publically-accessible domain name systems, making them flood a target with large quantities of UDP packets.   Read more.


Where should I host my website?

A. best web hostingI have been developing websites since 1996.  In that time I’ve used lots of web hosting companies.  In my opinion, LiquidNet Ltd Hosting is the best web hosting company I’ve ever used. If you need a web host, go there now.

best web hosting compare-plansThey sell four different plans.  Click on compare plans to find the one for you.  If you need only one website, you can buy a Starter Plan for $35/year.

How do I install WordPress on my new website?

Web host

how to install WordPress Gears 401This FAQ tells you how to install WordPress using LiquidNet Ltd Hosting.  Installing WordPress is simple if you follow the instructions below.  Installing WordPress is complicated without the instructions.

In the instruction below, we assume that you have purchased a domain name from WhoIs and that you have entered the DNS information (dns1.supremedns.com and dns2.supremedns.com) into the appropriate WhoIs form.

Getting started

♦ compare-plansGo to the LiquidNet Ltd Hosting website.
♦ Click Compare Plans.
♦ In the Starter column, click Start Free Trial.
♦ Fill in the account owner details
(♦ Pay your $35 after your free month is up.)

Backups of Websites

One of the benefits of LiquidNet is the regular backups of your websites.

As long as the account is below its backup limit, LiquidNet should be able to restore the website from a system backup (we keep backups of the content for the last 30 days).

The files can be restored at: https://us.cloudlogin.co/filemanager/#/www
by right-clicking on the file/folder in question and selecting ‘Restore’ (a new pop up window will appear and you can select the desired backup from it).

If you would like LiquidNet to restore a database as well (since the settings for some applications are stored in it), then you need to specify the database and from which date, and they will proceed accordingly.

Please keep in mind that event though the system backups are performed regularly, they are performed over a certain period.

Menu Q.

How to Install WordPress menus

You will have one horizontal menu that you will create using a WordPress app.

New Post Media Page UserBefore I continue, you must know the difference between posts and pages.  When you hover over New at the top of WordPress, you must decide if it will be a post or a page.

Every entry into your blog should be a post.  Categories blogging etcThese entries are listed in reverse chronological order.  You should select categories for them so that people can find each blog post on a particular topic.

Pages on the other hand are static, they are not listed by date and do not use categories.

To create a menu, click on Appearance > Menus in your black menu. You will get a panel with either Pages or Posts at the top. If your panel says Pages and you wish to have Posts, simply go to the line below Add to Menu and click on Posts. To get a Page or Post into the menu, click on the item you wish to be in the menu and click on Add to Menu.

You want the item name in the menu to be as short as is reasonable. So, click on the tiny black triangle to the right of item name. Then change the name in the Navigation Label.

Click Save Menu, click on Pages/All Pages in the black menu. Click on a page and click on View.

If you like it, you are finished.

WhoIs Q.

Where should I host my website?

Buy Domain Name from WhoIs

  • Need unique domain name that describes your business
  • Buy that from a registrar
  • Over the years I bought from a variety of registrars
  • My favourite one is WhoIs

Getting Started

  • Go to whois.com
  • Enter first choice in the search box
    • Over 171 million domain names registered in world
    • Odds are your favourite not available
    • First choice was webdesign.com
    • Not available
  • WhoIs gave me a list of related domain names that were available
  • Looked through all
  • Found one that would fit in with my marketing scheme
  • Chose freewebdesign.club

    • Decided that website would be some sort of club
    • Web designers from all over the world could come and share information at no cost
  • Clicked on the Select box beside freewebdesign.club
  • Went through checkout process
  • They tried to up sell me
  • All I want to do is pay for domain name registration — nothing more
  • Clicked on No thanks, proceed to checkout.
  • (If it asks whether or not you have a PayPal account, say no if you want to pay with a debit or credit card.)

DNS Tools

  • WhoIs has DNS tools to help new domain name link to website
  • Update the WhoIs name servers so that domain name will point to the LiquidNet Ltd Hosting or whoever your web host is.

  • Go to WhoIs and
  • Either create an account or log into your account
  • Go to the Jump to Domain panel
  • Enter your new domain name
  • Click box with the two tiny arrows
  • Click on the Name Servers link
  • Enter the two name servers: 
    • If you are using LiquidNet, they are dns1.supremedns.com and dns2.supremedns.com.
    • Must be lower case
    • Click Update Name Servers button