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How do I choose an ideal domain name for my business?

A. You will get more traffic to your website by using the right domain name.  The suggestions in this article will help you get the best name possible.

domain registration Domain name extensions on keyboard

Your domain name should reflect your business somehow.  Then it will be easier for your customers to remember and come back to your website.  Also, a really good domain name helps with search engine optimization (SEO).

Find & register a domain name

domain registration How to Name Your Business

Remember the branding part of domain names.  It is best if your domain name and business name are very similar.

Of all the domain name registration services I’ve used since 1996, WhoIs seems to give the best service. They even have an algorithm for giving you better domain names.

In this quick example, assume you are looking for a name for a pet store. You want people to look at your domain name for two seconds and know exactly what kind of store you have.

Register a domain

You could start you domain registration by going to the WhoIs website. Select Domains > Register a Domain. You do a domain search for pet store.

pet store worldNaturally petstore.com was taken.  However, WhoIs makes a search for similar available names.  One available domain name is petstore.world.

So, you could register petstore.world and name your business Pet Store World.  If people know the name of your store, they can remember your domain name.  If people remember your domain name, they can remember the name of your store.

Link to web host

Just like WhoIs is my favourite domain name registration service, LiquidNet is my favourite hosting service I’ve used since 1996. In my examples I will use LiquidNet. I recommend that you use LiquidNet.

Every web host in the world has a different set of DNS information so that visitors will be be sent to the correct host. LiquidNet uses dns1.supremedns.com and dns2.supremedns.com. 

The information below tells you how to update your WhoIs DNS information.

  • Go to WhoIs and
  • Either create an account or log into your account
  • Click on My Account
  • Go to the Jump to Domain panel
  • Enter your new domain name
  • Click box with the two tiny arrows
  • Click on the Name Servers link
  • Enter the two name servers: 
      • If you are using LiquidNet, they are dns1.supremedns.com and dns2.supremedns.com.
      • Must be lower case
      • Click the blue Update Name Servers button


Mom & pop business example

roots-and-vines-toursA couple I know live in an area that has 112 wineries.  Tourists love to go to the Okanagan Valley and go on wine tours.  The couple set up a touring company in Kelowna that takes tourists to various wineries.

They found an excellent domain name that:

  • Used the .com extension
  • Was descriptive of their company
  • Was memorable
  • Was very good branding
  • Was the same as their company name (Roots & Vines Tours)
  • Took people to an excellent website (rootsandvinestours.com).

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How do I move my domain name to my web host?

Moving your domain name to your web host

Watch this video in full screen mode to see how to update your DNS information. Pause frequently to take notes.

Steps to changing the name servers
♦  Go to your domain registration vendor.  In the following example I will use WhoIs. I am assuming that your web host will be LiquidNet Ltd Hosting.
Link to name servers♦  Click Account > MyAccount.
♦  Where it says Jump to Domain, enter the domain name with which you are working.
♦  Click the arrow to jump there.
♦  Click on Name Servers.
♦  Name server 1 and 2Enter DNS information, dns1.supremedns.com and dns2.supremedns.com, in appropriate boxes.
♦  Click on Update Name Servers button.
♦  You must also add your contact details. In the background your new domain name is being made available on the internet all around the world. Note that this can take up to 24 hours.

Home Q.

How to change a page into a home page.
  • Look at your black menu. Click on Appearance > Customize.
  • Click on Homepage Settings.
  • Click on the A Static Page radio button.
  • Under the Homepage title, select the name of the page that is to be the home page.
  • Click the blue Publish button at the top of the column.

Now type your domain name into a search browser, your new home page will show up.

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