Facebook Page Cover Video


I will make a Facebook page cover video for you. You send me the images you want on it and tell me the point you are trying to get across. I will create a Facebook page cover video as an MP4 file.

When you upload the video, it will automatically resize to an aspect ratio of 16:9. (Note that Facebook recommends that videos be 820 x 462 pixels.)

Miscellaneous FB page info

    • Maximum dimensions of an animated GIF added to a Facebook page is 400 x 400 pixels. The maximum file size is 8 Mb.
    • If you want to email someone a huge file (say, greater than 25 Mb), upload the file to a cloud service such as Google Drive or OneDrive. Compose a message in Gmail and attach the huge file. After Gmail senses that your attachment is too large, you will be given a message such as the one in the image below. Follow instructions and your huge file will be sent.